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Black Wednesday (Miércoles Negro) was a women's strike protesting femicides, gender violence, and transphobia in Latin America and the US. As a response to Lucía Pérez' violent death, parallel protests were held in many cities, especially in Argentina, Peru, and Mexico. This is one of the smallest ones, in New York. However small, this group of Latinx women and allies come from around the hemisphere where the stories are similar: a history of colonization and later, American imperialism has left an intergenerational wound of racist gender and state violence and genocide that to this day takes the lives of the most vulnerable cis and trans women in our societies.

While the violence is not new, there is hope in a strong and thriving movement of young and elder women who are taking the streets and other public spaces to dismantle patriarchy and celebrate sisterhood. This video aims to capture the joy and hope in this movement, despite the grief.


El Miércoles Negro fue un paro de mujeres en Argentina como respuesta al asesinato violento de Lucía Pérez, una chica de 16 años. La convocatoria se multiplicó en Latinoamérica, con numerosas protestas como respuesta a los femicidios, la violencia de género y la transfobia que se roban la vida de nuestras compañeras.


Vivas nos queremos.  

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